Produced by Margaret Cavalier. © 2019 ideastream

Spot on Science

Spot On Science , hosted and produced by Margaret Cavalier, is a reoccurring segment in NewsDepth a news show for kids across Ohio. The short videos focus on earth science stories that align with Ohio’s new Learning Standards. Spot on Science is the recipient of a 2018 Gold Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

As the smart and able host of Spot on Science, Margaret Cavalier makes talking about science as comfortable as chatting around the kitchen table.

From lunar and solar eclipses, to the safety of medications, to the gag-inducing amount of sugar in a bottle of soda (or pop as she calls it) Spot on Science is as enjoyable as it is informative. Cavalier’s enthusiasm is appealing and authentic; her curiosity is genuine and her ability to convey concepts is instinctive.…

Her delivery and facial expressions serve as expertly executed punctuation points; Not dramatic, simply suitably ‘grammatically’ correct. Cavalier introduces a topic, explains how we know what we know, and provides practical and relatable analogies, often with a dose of humor. Margaret Cavalier’s Spot on Science, is absolutely spot on.
— Claire Green, President of Parents' Choice Foundation ©2019 Parents' Choice

Produced by Margaret Cavalier. © 2019 ideastream

Produced by Margaret Cavalier. © 2019 ideastream


Margaret’s main gig is producing NewsDepth for WVIZ PBS ideastream. NewsDepth is an interactive television program that breaks down the biggest news stories into teachable lessons for students in 4th to 6th grade. Reoccuring special segments in the show further connect students with state curriculum standards.

Each week NewsDepth asks students to engage with the show by writing letters and participating in online polls - teaching digital literacy in a fun way.

NewsDepth has become a known and loved free resource for hundreds of teachers across the state and has been recognized by industry professionals, having received several regional Emmy awards and a 2018 Gold Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

It’s refreshing to find news being done right – balanced, fair, interactive, and occasionally humorous. What’s highly commendable is that NewsDepth will, hopefully, foster an interest in news, media — and above all, media literacy for young viewers.
— Ann Oldenburg, Georgetown University ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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