As an associate producer for WVIZ PBS, I create educational and journalistic videos that air both online and on television. My work is primarily done for "Ideas" a nightly community affairs program and "NewsDepth," an award winning children's newscast that focuses on connecting students with current events and state learning standards.

Here are a sampling of my public media works.


The Missing Reel

"It's like hearing the voice of a ghost...."

Hidden in the archives of the University of Akron is a long-lost reel of songs sung by Holocaust survivors. Recorded on an obsolete medium, their voices remained silent until staff there took up the challenge to build a wire player. It only took three years of hunting down parts online to revive these untold stories.


life on a LAKE ERIE island: school flight

When the cold sets in on the trio of Bass Islands in Lake Erie, the tourists pack up and head for the mainland. The bars, hotels and restaurants close. All that remains are a post office, grocery store and two taverns. Those who stay behind are dedicated to their tiny isolated community. Their freezers are stocked to the brim and fingers are crossed for a cold front bring over the ice fishers. The only way on and off the islands is by air. For some students and teachers the a daily commute to class includes climbing into a 6-passenger plane.


"Spot On Science" is a weekly segment on the children's show "NewsDepth" that connects Ohio's students with state curriculum standards while explaining current events. "Spot On Science" focuses on earth science requirements. The show is watched in hundreds of classrooms across the state and airs on WVIZ PBS in Cleveland and WOUB PBS in Athens, Ohio.

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