While the hills of southeast Ohio aren’t the ideal location for a dairy processing plant, it’s the place that owner Warren Taylor calls home.

His passion for the land and the memories it holds are strong, yet in this world of industrial dairy, his business is under threat. 

Land of Milk & Memory was produced as part of the 2016 Soul of Athen's exploration of Appalachia.

Step into BETSY’S LOT.

Betsy Briju and her family have been growing vegetables from their Indian homeland at the Westside Community Garden for the last seven or eight years.

They care for one of 65 lots that are overseen by a board of Athens citizens. In the garden it's not uncommon to hear several languages and see unusual plants. The gardeners here are as diverse as the city itself.

Take a 360° ride on the HOCKING VALLEY SCENIC RAILWAY.

Conductor Matthew Mullins' long ponytail whips with the wind as he steers the train along its historic railway in the foothills of southeast Ohio. A team of dedicated volunteers keep the operation alive. Their restored train cars carry more than the salt and coal of yesteryears — now they tow a cargo of oldtime romanticisms and childhood wonder.

Immerse yourself in the ARTIST'S NATURAL HABITAT.

An artist's workshop is often a messy affair of supplies and discarded attempts. In Southeast Ohio many are spare rooms, garages and front yards. Here, we take a look behind the scenes of a few local artists that spend countless hours turning concepts into creations.